OhmStudio Music

Ohmstudio is a very powerful collaborative DAW. With it you can easily start a project as with any other DAW (like Cubase, Logic, Sonar…..), use your favourite VST plugins (both on Mac and on Windows), then you can invite people from all over the world to join your project and help you. While it doesn't allow for realtime online jamming, it allows several people to work on the same project at the same time. It is: I'm recording a synth line track and, at the same time, in Australia, Drumo is recording his drums and, in USA Herman is recording his voice. Nobody will hear what the others have done in realtime but, as soon as one of us has finished the recording, Ohmstudio will automatically load it and, in a time lapse of a few seconds everybody will be able to listen….

The big hit: this was made inside a "collaborative event". Collaborative events happen each friday. Ohm musicians are given a simple instruction to build a composition. In this song Feng (Italy) plays Rhodes and drums programming, Tchris (France) plays bass and vibes, Stefy (Italy) sings, Grooveman (Canada) and Planobilly (USA) play guitars, Bio Xid (Canada) plays Rhodes, Drumo (Australia) plays drums, Javiclarinet (Spain) plays sax.

The big hit II: Again a collaborative event. Feng plays Rhodes, synths, drums programming and synth bass, FX programming on Stefy voice; Stefy sings, Jamie plays guitar, Alexone (Switzerland) plays guitar). Andy Mc (UK) made mixing and mastering.

Improvvisazione della mezzanotte(Midnight improvisation): This is simply piano (Feng) and voice (Stefy).

Like Magic: This was entirely composed by Feng (not very collaborative!)

Sad 3: Feng plays piano and double bass, Stefy sings, Drumo plays drums.

Francesco Celati 2013