There's something in music that we are searching for. We can hear traces of this idea in tracks by some great musicians. Synth Evolution is the research of such idea.

The search is long and difficult, nonetheless it's unconceivable not to try.

Music software offers incredible, professional tools at affordable prices. Many great softwares (like Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg Cubase, but also Propellerheads Reason-Record, FL Studio and many other) offer the possibility to complete a professional sounding track without the need of going "outside the box". All the tools, instruments, sounds and FX are bundled.

However we have to stress that having such weapons implies some risks. The first risk is that there's a wealth of nicely produced horrible music. Anybody can grab a sequencer for less than 300 $ and start composing. Obviously low prices makes the tools affordable, but no one can make sales on the years of study and practice to be a good musician.

The other risk was wonderfully synthesized in a famous UK music magazines, where I read:" So your track is finished. You decided harmony, melody, arrangement, instrumentation, rhythm. You played all the parts. Why worry if you are the only one who likes it?".

Synth Evolution project was born five years ago when, for the first time, we tried to compose some tracks at a professional level. Some of the first tunes we wrote are available on this site for you to hear. They are naive, but they were made with great enthusiasm. One of them, called "Sacred River", was chosen among thousand of others in a Yamaha contest.

Other ones have reached Broadjam and Garage Band top ten.

What do we expect from this project? Well, the most sincere answer is "nothing"! We don't expect success, we don't expect to make money. It's our path, and we have to walk it.

Great argentine poet and writer Jorge Luis Borges wrote in a short novel: "The secret is worth less than the path to discover it"

Francesco Celati 2013